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剛介紹過皇帝和皇后http://hjlee0301.pixnet.net/blog/post/27195280,再來個小兵吧,這一球更小囉,前面提到的金玲是種在三吋盆中,這一球則是種在兩吋盆中,上面沒有標籤,只好自己找學名,找了老半天,應該是「魔玉」Lapidaria margaretae(又名Lapidaria margaretae,請參考英文網頁http://www.cactus-art.biz/schede/LAPIDARIA/Lapidaria_margaretae/lapidaria_margaretae/Lapidaria_margaretae.htm裡的照片,這個網址很專業,有興趣的可以參考)。

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Cultivation: This plants are relatively easy to cultivate in an open, gritty and well drained soil, but have the tendency to up and die if the conditions are not right and, sometimes it seems, even if they are! They need full bright sunlight throughout the year. They will grow strongly at any time when the weather is warm and sunny and water is available and are considered opportunistic growers. They will become dormant in very hot weather, particularly when nights stay very warm in the hottest couple of months of summer, and should hardly be watered at this time. Probably best to shade them during the hottest weather, they will be dormant anyway. They will grow strongly in autumn and also may grow in spring. They probably won't show much growth in winter but might if they are in a very sunny position perhaps indoors. Water during the growing season about once every one-two weeks (depending on the humidity of the air) like a cactus and then leave it to drain well and to dry out completely before watering again. If in doubt, don't water, you are very unlikely to kill it from underwatering. Anyway do not over-water as they are very greedy drinkers and split within a day or so if given too much water Although the split of course disfigures the plant, this is not a major disaster as the following season, when the old body has shrivelled, the new one appears clean and unblemished. Be cautious about watering in winter because you may produce etiolated growth from lack of sun. At growth resumption when the new buds appear (after the old basal pair of leaves is totally shrivelled) a little water is given but not too much. Frost Tolerance -4 ° C for short periods.




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